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        I.Senior Flow Cytometry Technologist

        Working Location: Singapore、Beijing

        Key Responsibilities:

1.Prepare, process and analyze samples for flow cytometry in accordance with client protocol using current Clearstone Central Laboratory SOPs.

2.Perform compensation, verification, patient acquisition and advanced data analysis.

3.Interpret, correlate and review flow cytometry test results before release.

4.Identify problems, develop appropriate action plans to solve problems and when necessary, refer problems to the appropriate resource person.

5.Perform testing and quality control procedures as per Clearstone Central Laboratories Quality Assurance guidelines.

6.Conduct and record instrument maintenance and handling reagents as per Clearstone Central Laboratories SOP’s.

7.Recognize discrepancies and take appropriate action.

8.Ensure appropriate handling and inventory levels of laboratory supplies.

9.Responsible for keeping informed and complying with all safety regulations and Clearstone Central Laboratories safety and environmental policies.

10.Participate in client and regulatory audits of the laboratory.

11.Provide input to performance reviews and corrective actions statements where required.

12.Oversee laboratory QA and compliance for flow cytometry area.

13.Update and maintain analytical SOP’s.

14.Perform additional staff training as needed.

15.Perform assay transfers of newly validated methods for global studies.

16.Compile study data and prepare analytical study reports.

17.Complete and submit proficiency testing documents.

18.Training of laboratory staff in flow cytometry procedures.


•Bachelor of Science degree or certification to work as a licensed Medical Technologist.
•At least 2 years of experience in clinical flow cytometry and whole blood analysis including immunophenotyping
•According to site-specific requirements, meet appropriate qualifications needed for provincial, state or country regulations and accreditation agencies. These may include, but are not limited to, CMLTO/CAP/CLIA/NYS/AFFSAP.
•Solid experience in multicolour (4 and 5 colour) flow cytometry analysis, assay validation and optimization, quality control and quality assurance
•Require competency in the use of standard office software and data management software packages
•Excellent problem-solving skills are required in identifying, resolving and alerting others to operational problems
•Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are required to convey and clarify information
•Good organizational and time management skills

        II.Clinical Data Manager

        Location: Beijing

        Key Responsibilities:

1.Trial meetings, data validation, query management, project communication, programming, EDT extraction, EDT admin overhead, EDT QA, archiving.

2.Overall responsible for data capturing and data quality, Develop Data Management Plan,
Identify, track, and resolve data issues

3.SOP development, workflow optimization, intra and inter departmental quality initiatives.

4.DM internal meetings, timesheets, overall administration, purchasing, attendance management.

5.New IT and non-trial specific developments.

6.Personal Training and Development.

7.Care about Protection of data privacy in data transmission

8.Compliance with all health policies and safety-conscious work; treatment of all substances with relevant caution for the protection of oneself and others; immediate notification if health status changes in a way that is detrimental to studies

9.Compliance, development,  review and revision (if necessary) of  SOPs

10.Compliance with and work according to Clearstone Central Lab policies


•Degree or Diploma in computer and/or in clinical, Biological science or mathematical sciences, or related field
•The job holder must be PC literate, Organized, Methodical, Accurate, Self-starter, Team Worker and Good communicator.
•Intermediate to advanced SAS programming skills and SQL query language preferred.
•Intermediate to advanced database structure knowledge and understanding.
•Must be able to use problem solving skills to develop efficient programs to anticipate data problems.
•Must be able to understand the client requirements and projects needs in order to successfully implement the study programs and produce high quality data.
•Knowledge of Data Management within the pharmaceutical industry. Working experience in clinical data management in a pharmaceutical company or CRO preferred.




        Email to:hr@clearstonelabs.com.cn  或传真至:010-6786 5252


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